A "Tortue" On The Road
A "Tortue" On The Road
📍 Bray Dunes, France
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🖋 Madame Tortue
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Hi there!

I am Madame Tortue. I was born in Rekken, Netherlands and if you don't know me yet, I love adventures and taking my time.

On Saturday August 6th, is the beginning of the French divide. A self supported all roads cycling event that connects the French-Belgian border to the French-Spanish border! SPANNEN! (Dutch for exciting).

Here are my trusty friends! I hope this can help other adventurers! Turtles or not ;)

Bike: My companion across France will be a Specialized Diverge Comp Carbon 2021 (Size 56). Everything is stock apart from the tires. The cassette is a 11-34, do not worry: my turtle's feet have grip! And if there is no suspension, I can always rely on my shell to roll down!

Lighting: The start is at night, so I will rely on a Lezyne Macro Drive 1300XXl (attached to the handlebars) and a Petzl Swift RL (attached to my helmet thanks to the Petzl Uni Adapt adhesive clips) to see the trails! Fellow animals and cyclist will see me because of my reflective vest and rear light, a Lezyne zecto 250. We are very far away from Christmas, but my cranks will flash like a Christmas tree thanks to very simple battery powered lamps.

Tires: Terravail Rutland 700c * 47mm.


•  POC Helmet + 1 Cap + Glasses.

•  Cotton Bandana + 2 Buffs.

•  Rapha Core lightweight Jersey X1 + 1 Spare Technical T-Shirt.

•  Rapha arm warmers + Arm coolers.

•  Rapha Cargo bibs + 1 Spare, but different to encourage different saddle positions!

•  Leg warmers (should I get cold at night!).

•  Rain Jacket (Specialized) + Down Jacket (Patagonia Micro Puff).

•  2 Pair of socks + 1 pair of cycling shoes.‌

Repair kit 1 (Tyres):

• Tubeless Liquid.

• 2 inner tubes + levers.

• Plugs & Patches & Super glue.

• Curved needles.

• Fishing Nylon thread (210D/12).

• Electrical Tape + Duck tape + Pump.

• Co2 Trigger + 2 Co2 valves.

• Valve core X2 + 1 Extra valve.

• Latex gloves.‌

Repair Kit 1 (Except for Oil/Tubes/Liquid & Pump) is fitted in the black Specialized SWAT pod, Kit 2 in the regular pencil case

Repair kit 2 (General repairs):

• 2 spare hangers.

• 2 spare brake pad sets + 1 brake pads separator.

• 5 chain links + 4 quick-links.

• Spare derailleur cable.

• Rope.

• Leatherman locking pliers.

• Multitool.

• Extra SPD cleats and bolts.

Electronics & Locks:

• Garmin 530 GPS + Heart rate strap + Cadence sensor.

• Anker 20 000 mAh X2 + Anker PowerPort 40W 5-Port USB (and cables) so I can charge all my devices at the same time).

• A smartphone.

• Earphones in case I need them.

• One small passcode lock.‌

Sound system:

• 1 Knog Oi bell.

Sleeping system:

• MSR foot print.

• Terra Nova Moonlite bivy.

• Thermarest Neoair Uberlite.

• Wila down ultra light 150 (sleeping bag).‌

Note: I will fill my handlebar bag with clothes to use as a pillow, or my rain jacket!


• Toothpaste + Toothbrush + Floss.

• Sunscreen + Nok anti-chafing cream.

• Arnicrème.

• Lipbalm.

• Nail cutter.

• Tissues.

• First-aid kit + Safety blanket.

• Alcohol/Sanitizer.

Food & Water:

• 1 500ML bidon + 1 700ML bidon (will be provided by the race organization) + 1L Sawyer filtering flask + 2L water bladder in an UD Ultra vest 4.0.

• Lots of food! Some electrolytes (Nuun & Sportsvoeding) and 4 Beta Fuels to get me started.

• Secret elixir: a small 2cl Pastis sample should things get really tough! It will probably help me crush the gradients!!

Weight? Lots of happiness.

Ok. I was going to ride without weighing anything but thought it might be helpful to have an idea! Both for me or potential other turtles who would like to tackle the French Divide!

The Bike (without pedals): 9,87 kg.

Its equipment (Pedals / GPS / Bell / Lights / Bidons & water: 2,65 kg.

Food bag (Handle bar): 1,96 kg.

Trail bag w/ essentials (Leg & Arm warmers / Buffs / Food / Water bladder): 3,8 kg.

Frame bag (Tubes / Oil & Tubeless liquid. / Pump / Electronics & Toiletries): 2,35 kg.

Saddle bag (Clothing + First-aid kit): 1,83 kg.

Repair kits (In the frame): 0,92 kg.

Myself and my bright buckle: 0,26 kg.

Totals: 23,64 kg.

Note: I removed some food from the pictures! I was up to almost 27kg before the first weigh in. Thought it was a bit much for my little back.

That's it for me! Don't hesitate if you have comments or questions! See you on the trails, and do not forget: take your time! 🐢😍